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VUSE Supply Chain is a consulting agency that helps organizations increase profits, optimize procurement management, enhance supply chain process transparency, while saving time and resources.

With more than 10 years of experience, our certified logistics and IT professionals build, manage, and modernize processes that empower our clients’ day to day operations.

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Food & Beverage
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Supply Chain
IT Strategy

We Focus on Businesses Looking to

01 Synchronize all transport modes
02 Optimize tendering processes
03 Integrate fully-automated systems
04 Provide full visibility for its customers
05 Decide based on predictive and
prescriptive scenarios
06 Visualize their end-to-end supply chain data
The Problem

The Problem

Visibility for shippers and consignees is scarce; it causes a vortex of pain-points and rigid supply chains.

Additional costs, unnecessary contingency plans, unmanageable claims from customers and unpredictability of shipping situation are not effective in today’s global logistics.

Supply Chain Management experts complain about the multi-directional manual tasks and excessive exchange of documents back and forth.  

What We Do

Our Solutions

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Easy. Simple. Transparent. A subscription-based access to our consultants

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Supply Chain Management

Ad hoc advisory plans for supply chain optimization on complex scenarios

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Digital Journey

Digital transformation of your supply chains via external partners


Problem-solving experience:
Book video calls with our consultants on weekly basis to discuss:

  • Rates & TT
  • Operations
  • Business processes
  • Trends
  • Tender Management assistance
  • Global Networking resources
  • Digitalization

Your value:

  • Easy, impartial and transparent

  • Rapid check-up

  • Immediate availability
  • Cost-effective

  • Long-term focus

SCM Solutions

VUSE Supply Chain strategic assessments aligns your strategies with available resources to reduce costs, decide proactively based on real data and benchmark for operational excellence.

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • New Market Prospecting
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Complex Scenario Manager

Digital Journey Solutions

A step ahead in creating an execution plan to transform supply chains digitally in a highly evolving environment. A combination of external technologies to accomplish your digital goals.

  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Integration & automation via external e-platforms
  •  Data Analytics
  • Digital Density Assessment (DDA)
  • Smart Warehousing via external Robotics solutions
  • Delivery Service improvement

Our Digital Journey Process:

Latest Insights

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February 16, 2022 / by VUSE Supply Chain

Paving the road for digital trucking

The implementation of the EU Mobility Package could become a cornerstone for truck drivers’ digitization. A new procedure has been established as of February 2022, related to drivers’ posting, infringements, rest times and EU cabotage & cross-trade rules. As an example,...

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January 24, 2022 / by VUSE Supply Chain
Export logistics: why digitisation is the only answer

Our recent collaboration with Piernext (a digital knowledge hub spearheaded by Port of Barcelona to...

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January 13, 2022 / by VUSE Supply Chain
Relocation & the future of global trade

Disruption in supply chains is here to stay; and logistics will get more complex.  As long as we understand the...

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November 18, 2021 / by VUSE Supply Chain
Digital Density Assessment for Hyperconnected Logistics

The shining path to digital transformation is often obscured by the lack of practical info about how automating...

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October 26, 2021 / by VUSE
Identified Needs vs Available Resources in Global Supply Chains

Why is it so interesting that nowadays experts in digitization are increasing their research focus on supply...


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